Payroll Services
Complete Electronic Payroll Services

Our Electronic Payroll Services have the comprehensive functionality your business needs. Plus, our free customer service team guides you through the entire step-by-step process, from set-up through W-2’s.

Electronic Payroll Services Offer Convenience & Flexibility

Do you need a simple, secure and accurate way to manage payroll services for your small business? Malkasian Accountancy can provide everything you’re looking for in a Web-based format – no software required, and it’s accessible anywhere you have an Internet connection!

A few of the many features available through Malkasian Accountancy’s Electronic Payroll Services include:

Easy Pay Days

  • Pay day email reminders
  • Guaranteed Federal and State payroll deductions options
  • Voluntary deductions (retirement plans, insurance premiums, etc)
  • PA huge variety of payment options -- Salary, hourly, multiple pay rates, OT, tips, commissions, bonuses, holidays
  • Vacation and sick day tracking
  • Paycheck and pay stub printing from your own computer
  • Direct deposit
  • Employee website for pay stubs

Free Expert Customer Service
  • Live toll-free phone or email support with your own payroll expert

Insightful Payroll Reports
  • 13 different payroll reports with drill-down access
  • 2 different contractor detail reports

Accounting and Bookkeeping Software Integration
  • One click copy from Malkasian to QuickBooks

Federal Payroll Taxes
  • Federal tax deposits and filing email reminders
  • Electronic, one click federal tax payments
  • Electronic federal form tax filings (941's, 940's, 944's, and W-2's)
  • Federal WS-4, I-9 and employer registration forms

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