Five More Organizational Tips to Make Bookkeeping Easier

Five More Organizational Tips to Make Bookkeeping Easier

While there is no end of bookkeeping advice, some tips — such as these — will make your life easier than others. These tricks may seem fairly obvious, but some of the handiest, most useful and efficient organizational bookkeeping tips are ones you might initially overlook or not even consider. These tips for bookkeeping will make things much easier whether you handle your company’s bookkeeping yourself or outsource it to a professional firm like Malkasian Accountancy. Bookkeeping organization is vital to the success of a company, so keep these five tips in mind and begin reaping the benefits today!

1.) Have a petty cash box
How many times have you needed something small for the office and dipped into your own pocket for the cash, promising yourself you’d make a note of it later or never even considering it as an expense? Over the course of a year, those little purchases-pens, pencils, notebooks and the like-add up and can make a dent in the bottom line. Solve this issue by having $100 in petty cash on hand. When you need something for the office, take out the money, and when you return, drop the change in the box along with the receipt. The amount of money left and the receipts should always add up to $100. This will ensure absolutely everything is accounted for and will make for better record keeping and more accurate bookkeeping statements.

2.) Deposit all cash immediately
This is another bookkeeping tip that seems obvious, but in today’s hectic, fast-paced world, it’s easy to let cash pile up in the office (or in someone’s wallet) and for some of it to go unaccounted for. Anytime you get cash, make a beeline for the bank and deposit it.

3.) Print your invoices
This will require a small investment at the beginning but is a bookkeeping tip that will really pay off in the long run. A printed invoice-complete with a company logo-looks more authoritative than a handwritten piece of paper and may subliminally move a client to pay faster. And that can only help your bookkeeping!

4.) File all invoices immediately
Nothing can get lost if it is filed as soon as it is received. This is one of those tips for bookkeeping that will help you stay organized in other facets of life as well.

5.) Record your daily activity-everyday
Another of the organizational bookkeeping tips that will benefit you outside the office, this suggestion will ensure that you catch errors before they snowball into something major.

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