How Autotracking Mileage Can Help Your Year-End Accounting

How Autotracking Mileage Can Help Your Year-End Accounting

Computerized bookkeeping programs such as QuickBooks have made bookkeeping far easier for companies of all sizes. Not everything can be computerized though-or can it? One task that would seem to fall into the category of being perpetually done by hand is tracking mileage. Sure, you can keep track of mileage on your computer, but you still have to jot it down and carry the written record into the office and remember to input it later. And we all know how easy it is to get hopelessly behind in tracking mileage. All it takes is one day in which the mileage isn’t recorded for records to be compromised.

But keeping track of mileage for bookkeeping purposes doesn’t have to be a nightmarish endeavor-and it doesn’t have to be done by hand anymore, either. There are a ton of software programs that feature mileage autotracking for taxes. Combine this with one of the many convenient timesaving devices that automatically track mileage and your record-keeping will be perfect come tax time.

Programs that feature mileage autotracking for taxes are readily available as apps for your smartphone or a satellite service-think of it as a GPS that not only gets you where you want to go but also counts the mileage! And just like relying on a GPS is easier, more accurate and much more productive than copying down directions, autotracking mileage for taxes will, in the short and long run, save you time and, quite likely, money.

Even those who devoutly and carefully keep track of every mile driven by hand can’t assure their records will be complete and correct. There is always the danger of making a mistake while doing the math or the possibility of accidentally categorizing a personal trip as a business trip. Programs that take care of mileage autotracking for taxes will ensure your record keeping is always up to date and correct.

In addition, autotracking for mileage is a perfect solution for the owner of a small business who relies on employees to drive to and from destinations while on the clock. No longer does the boss have to worry about making sure everyone writes down the miles travelled at the beginning and end of the trip. With autotracking mileage programs, your accounting will be automatic, streamlined and ultimately simplified.

Autotracking mileage for taxes means all your records will be in one place. Whether you backup the autotracking mileage results on your computer or not, you’ll have this information at your fingertips. Imagine how much easier this will make your annual trip to the bookkeeper to crunch the numbers on your tax return-no need to cart a notebook or an envelope filled with scraps of paper featuring unreadable handwriting. Autotracking mileage for taxes removes all the guesswork and headaches from chronicling mileage for businesses of all sizes. Look into purchasing one of these programs today!