QuickBooks 101

When starting a new business, one critical element many entrepreneurs overlook is the need to find a reliable, professional bookkeeper. Small business bookkeeping may be less glamorous than coming up with an idea for a business and putting it into practice, but without it, you you’ll never achieve success. Fortunately, the surge in popularity of […]

Bookkeeping 101

Bookkeeping can be, to put it mildly, a pain in the backside. It’s easier than it was in the olden days, when a saintly and overworked person kept a company’s records in an actual book. He or she would input, by hand, every single transaction conducted by a business and, if the books didn’t balance, […]

Five More Organizational Tips to Make Bookkeeping Easier

While there is no end of bookkeeping advice, some tips — such as these — will make your life easier than others. These tricks may seem fairly obvious, but some of the handiest, most useful and efficient organizational bookkeeping tips are ones you might initially overlook or not even consider. These tips for bookkeeping will […]

Five Organizational Tips to Make Bookkeeping Easier

The popularity of computerized bookkeeping services such as QuickBooks, as well as the ability for companies to outsource their bookkeeping to professionals such as Malkasian Accountancy, has made bookkeeping much easier than it was a generation ago. Bookkeeping is not nearly as labor-intensive as it used to be. But don’t be fooled and or lulled into a false […]

How Autotracking Mileage Can Help Your Year-End Accounting

Computerized bookkeeping programs such as QuickBooks have made bookkeeping far easier for companies of all sizes. Not everything can be computerized though-or can it? One task that would seem to fall into the category of being perpetually done by hand is tracking mileage. Sure, you can keep track of mileage on your computer, but you still have to jot […]

Five Overlooked Tax Deductions

There is one thing that the vast majority of Americans have in common, regardless of the income bracket he or she occupies: a desire to pay LESS in taxes. But contrary to popular belief, spring doesn’t have to be a painful for the American taxpayer. There are many overlooked tax deductions that people miss out on every […]

Bookkeeping for the Self-Employed

There are many obstacles to starting your own business, of which one of the most daunting (aside from the lack of a steady paycheck) is the bookkeeping requirements that come with being self-employed. Bookkeeping is a complicated, headache-inducing endeavor. It’s certainly understandable if someone is hesitant to start his or her own business because of the looming […]

California Income Tax Differences

While filing income taxes is, unfortunately, a universal necessity, each state has its own quirks and nuances that make the process different from state to state. It’s important for residents of California who are beginning to prepare their 2011 return to know the income tax differences in California. The differences below list some of the […]

Income Tax Terms

Even if you’re hiring someone else to handle your taxes, it pays-sometimes literally-to know important tax terms. You can help yourself by brushing up on income tax terms before heading to the accountant. Learning the definitions of tax terms for 2012 can help make an often confusing exercise less stressful while building a solid base […]

Valuable Tax Breaks

Taking advantage of valuable tax breaks is something every taxpayer wants to do. But how many really do so? Preparing and filing a tax return is a stressful and complicated endeavor. Many taxpayers are either too intimidated to look into all the available income tax breaks or too overwhelmed. But there are a ton of […]